Interview with a SEO Copy writer

I had joined an Udemy course on copy writing where I got to know a lot of other people who were already working for few years in this niche. There I met Ajay Dixit. He had been doing freelancing in SEO for past couple of years. He joined the course as he also wanted to learn about copy writing.

As he was experienced in the whole freelancing arena and as I was also interested in SEO Copy writing so I decided to learn from his experience.

He shared his wisdom about freelancing and SEO. Then I joined DDIP B7 and for this assignment I could think no better person than him to interview. So here it goes:

I am presenting the question and answers for brevity. I am not including the chat that we had in between as that would be irrelevant here.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Hello, first of all thank you for providing me this opportunity to share my thoughts with you. My name is Ajay Dixit. I am from Gujarat. I did my bachelors in Engineering and like all the engineers I didn’t get a job in that. So, I decided to learn a skill that would help to stand up on my feet and earn money. I did learn SEO from various online sources and jumped into freelancing thereafter. That was the best decision of my life and now I am earning well. I haven’t reached where I want to yet but as they say this road is long. But I will reach my goal eventually with my hard work and dedication.

Q: What is your career goal anyway?

A: My goal is to become number one SEO copywriter consultant in India and eventually in the world. I know that sounds really far-fetched right now but I am moving in that direction slowly and steadily.

Q: Why SEO copywriter?

A: Because firstly I am already working in SEO. And as we know that intersecting different skills creates a unique skillset. I had heard of copywriting and was always interested in sales too. So I researched a bit online and found out about SEO copywriting. This was a perfect match for me. This way I could become doubly valuable to my clients and extend my service offerings.

Q: Ok, so why did you choose SEO as your field?

A: This is a simple one, isn’t it? SEO is the most important skill according to me. As I was exploring various skills to choose from this struck me as the most valuable one to me. Because who doesn’t want to rank on the first page of search engines? Everyone wants to be there and hence this skill becomes most important for any company. If they can rank their content on the first page then it provides visibility to their brand. More eyeballs means more visitors and more visitors can potentially lead to more sales. A person who can directly affect the sales number positively can become the most valuable member of any team. I wanted to become that person.

Q: What is a common myth about your field of expertise?

A: Very often people think that SEO is all about how to game google to get rankings for their page. So people use black hat practices to rank their pages and when google blacklists their pages they sit in the corner and cry. The biggest myth is that we can rank now-a-days using black hat SEO practices. This is clearly wrong and can incur heavy penalties from google and impact your client’s business if you do so.

Q: Why did you jump straight to freelancing after learning SEO? Weren’t you afraid of failure?

A: I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t afraid. Every day when I went outside hunting for clients, all I experienced was fear. The fear was paralyzing sometimes. But you know what I did? I never stopped doing what I needed to do. Sure, I was bad at first. But life teaches us if we continue to push through eventually we win. And that’s what I did. I got my first client after 3 months of reaching out to innumerable people. I faced a lot of rejection but I never backed out. I kept fighting in the ring and perseverance does pay off and it did.

Q: Great, What advice you have for people who have no experience and want to start freelancing?

A: The old chicken egg situation that you have to have experience to get a job and you need a job to have experience can be overpowered if one really wants to do so. There is a simple solution for that. Build your portfolio with sample projects until you get a real one. Like, I ranked my own blog for those 3 months that I didn’t get a job. I wrote articles. Created content daily and then worked on optimizing it for SEO. In real world clients don’t really care much about your experience unless it’s a very big company. But on the opposite side they also would not hire you just based on some certificate. That is why your own blog would serve as a middle ground. It will just allow them to trust you enough to give you a chance. And a chance is all you need. Take that chance and show them what you are made of.

Q: Do you believe in building your own brand?

A: C’mon, isnt that obvious these days. Without a brand one cannot survive today and will eventually fade out or fail. A client or people who you want to do business with must know you. A person who is known in his field is often the first choice for a project in the mind of a client. In order to become that person you have to create your brand.

Q: According to you what is the number one thing needed to be successful?

A: Well, that is a tough one. You often need a combination of various things to be successful but if you wanted to narrow it down to 1 thing according to me that would be: ACTION.

See, we all are prisoners of our own mind. We overthink everything and eventually do nothing. We stand where we are and keep planning for every little detail and mishap which we might face in the future. That is not the best way to live your life.

Life belongs to those who take Imperfect action. Because they know they can neither predict nor prepare for every contingency in the future. They are not Gods. They are human beings. So they take action irrespective of being 100% sure. And eventually as they move along that path they figure out the road to success.

Action breeds clarity breeds action is my motto and Imperfect Action > Planning every single time.

Q: Wonderful, are you this optimist in your life every single time of the day?

A: Haha, no never. It’s life and it gets to you. But I try to stay positive mostly. There is good and bad in this life and its upon us what we choose to look at. It doesn’t mean that we ignore bad but our focus should be on the other side.

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