Do you want to produce quality content day after day?

Do you struggle to write quality articles? Are you struggling to be a productive writer or content producer?

Do you feel that blinking cursor mocking you while you sit in front of an empty computer screen?

First of all, relax!

It is completely natural and you do not suffer alone. This happens to the best of us.

Good news is that great writers of our time have also faced this problem and as a solution have come out with systems of their own. One such writer, whom I admire, is Jeff Goins (The Art of Work)

As a famous writer he regularly churns out quality articles using his 3-bucket system. As a writer who has written a ton of quality stuff he has had his share of difficulties and problems. The system described below is his way of dealing with them.

Here is what Jeff advises:

Break writing activity into three steps/buckets:

  • ideation
  • creation
  • editing

Bucket 1: Ideation – It is like your personal dump of ideas. It can be any application like Evernote or the good old pocket diary. The main point here is to have your own repository of ideas readily available to you.

Bucket 2: Creation – You already have a bunch of ideas in bucket 1. Now, write at least 500 words on it. Save this draft. Jeff Goins says that he has a whole bunch of such drafts at any point in time. This makes it easier. How? Read on.

Bucket 3: Editing – Now, comes the editing part. As you already have multiple drafts waiting to be edited so you know what you exactly need to do. Jeff, at this point, checks for sentence structure, flow, grammar and states that at this stage almost 90% of work is done.

Note: One critical advice for all the three stages: Write with an intention to publish. Intent matters the most.

Benefit of this approach: You have broken down a one huge activity into three manageable units. It also helps you notice what you were doing wrong earlier! You were trying to do all three of them together which was nothing but a monumental wastage of time 

With the knowledge of this unique system under your belt go create some awesome stuff. Do let me know how it worked out for you.

Till next time!

LuV Sharma

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