nuclear copy

A super-simple visual guide to copywriting.

A simple 5-minute no-nonsense visual guide to basics of copywriting.

So, you want to start a career in copywriting. Well! I congratulate you because you have made a right choice. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your words move people towards a certain action. This simple visual guide offers you the following:

  • What is copywriting?
  • Why it is called copywriting?
  • What does a copywriter do?
  • Difference b/w copywriting & content writing
  • Copywriting vs copyrighting!
  • Why you need to hire a copywriter?
  • Examples of really good & really bad copywriting! (This is fun)

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    You learn best when your fundamentals are clear. Moreover, this visual guide makes your learning not only fun but easier.

    Copywriting is a superpower but even superheroes need training to recognise and use it. Start yours with this lucid guide.